Creating Projects and Profiles

Welcome to my first Magic Submitter Tutorial!

Before we start building links, we need to understand how Magic Submitter works.  Everything in Magic Submitter belongs to a Profile and then these Profiles belong to a Project.

A Project is the top level identifier.  It can be called anything you want, but it’s best to use something meaningful, so you’ll then be able to quickly work out what each Project is about.  It could be the site you are building links to or if you do client work it be your client’s name e.g. “” or “Acme Widgets”

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create Profiles and Projects within Magic Submitter or MS.  In the simple terms, the Project is the name or identifier of the site or sites we’re going to be building links to and the Profile is a set of details such as email address, name, address etc etc that we’ll be using to register on the sites that we want to build links from.

Create a Project and a Profile

Click "Create Profile"

Click “Create Profile”

To create a profile, click the icon as indicated above in the main Magic Submitter window and then you be presented with with following profile window:

This is where we enter your profile info.  Your profile is the “persona” that you are going to use when building links.  All of the sites that Magic Submitter builds links from will use some elements of this profile.

Fist of all click the Manage button on the top right.  This is where you create your project.

The quickest, easiest and recommended way to populate the profile is to click on the Fill Profile button at the top left of the window.  This will import an email address as well as all the other information that needs to be added to complete the profile.


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