Is This the Only Review of Magic Submitter You Will Ever Need?

Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter Review

You’ve found my site because the chances are that you were looking for an honest and trustworthy review of Magic Submitter. That being the case I think you’ll be pleased you are here.

My name is David and I’ve been building links with Magic Submitter for more than 3 years now. Over this time I’ve ranked many different websites in many different niches, many with the help of Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter isn’t the only tool I use, but it is one of my favourites, mainly because of how versatile it is.

The purpose of this review is to give you a “soup to nuts” overview of how Magic Submitter works based on my experience, with the ultimate aim of allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether Magic Submitter is right for you or not.

So, shall we begin?

What Is Magic Submitter?

Magic Submitter is a piece of software that, if used correctly, will help you rank your websites higher in Google and other search engines.

It does this by enabling you to quickly and easily submit your content with your back links with spintax support to more than a 1000 in-built sites including articles, videos, blog posts, press releases, social bookmarks and more.

You build these links by creating a campaign within Magic Submitter that can be as simple or as complex as you require including multi – tier links, link wheels, link pyramids, private blog networks etc etc etc. These campaigns can be set up to be posted all in one go or dripped out over a period of time or a combination of both.

What Sites Work With Magic Submitter?

With Magic Submitter, you can post your content and links to 1000s of sites within the following site types depending on their platform:

Magic Submitter Sites

Magic Submitter can post to 100s of web site platforms

Another point to remember is that although these numbers are already impressive, the team behind Magic Submitter are constantly updating it and the list of supported platforms is growing with each update as new ones are being added all the time.

Why Do I Need Magic Submitter?

Climb the Search Results

Climb the Search Results With my Magic Submitter Review!

If you want to get your website on the front page of Google, regardless of the many and varied Google updates including Panda, Penguin and the recent Hummingbird, everyone agrees you will need to get other websites to link to yours.

There are many ways to “create” these links, and Magic Submitter helps to automate this link building process as much as possible by allowing you to quickly and easily build links from 1000’s of different websites to either your website or your clients’ websites etc.

This is where Magic Submitter comes into it’s own as it actually makes link building easier, because it basically handles the whole process from creating the email addresses that you’ll need to create the accounts with, to creating the accounts, to posting the links and content as necessary to tracking the links and then “pinging” and indexing them so that the search engines can find them. In fact when used properly Magic Submitter could be the only tool you’ll ever need to get your sites on the first page of the search results.

How Much is Magic Submitter?

You can try the fully working version of Magic Submitter for 30 days for only $4.95.  After the trial period, the monthly subscription is then $67, but if you change your mind you can cancel at any time.  It is only available by a monthly subscription because of the need for the team to keep the software up to date – many of the sites that Magic Submitter works with such as WordPress,, or actively change their sign up or login screens in order to stop tools such as Magic Submitter working with their sites, therefore the team are always tweaking and making changes to the software to ensure it works with the widest array of different sites and platforms as possible.  All of this takes time and resources and therefore, hence the the need for it to be a monthly subscription.

How Does It Work?

Although it looks complex when you first start it up, the basics can be learned within a few hours and within a week or two, you should be fairly adept at putting together some of the more complex and in-depth campaigns.

Magic Submitter splits your link building activities into Projects, Profiles, Accounts, Content and Campaigns. There are a number of ways to create these, but here I’ll detail the simplest way of setting them up as this will probably be the method you will start with when you first begin using Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter Review Main Page

Magic Submitter Main Screen


Magic Submitter organises your link building into “projects”. Projects can be set up how you want them to be and could be used to build links to a specific page, a specific website or a group of pages or websites – Think of projects as a container to split up your various profiles and link building activities into a way that suites you – e.g.

  • If you did client work, you could create a different project per client.
  • If you had multiple websites, each website could be a project
  • if you were building links to three different pages on your website such as Red Cars, Blue Cars and Yellow Cars, each of those pages could be a project.

As you can see Magic Submitter gains a lot of flexibility by using projects as they allow you to work in way that you feel comfortable with.

Once you’ve created your projects, it’s then time to start creating your profiles.


Magic Submitter Profile Creation Screen

Magic Submitter Profile Creation Screen

Profiles sit within Magic Submitter projects. You can think of a profile as all the details you need to set up accounts on the various websites that Magic Submitter posts to, in order to post your content and links such as email address, names, etc etc. You can set up as many or as few profiles per project as you want. Profiles can be created manually or you can use Magic Submitter to create the profile automatically (use the “Fill Profile” button to the top left) although you will need to provide a few fields of data manually.

Profiles again are very flexible e.g. you could create a Project for the website and then within the Project, you could have a different profile for each of the pages you are building links to.

Once you’ve created a profile, it is then time to start creating accounts.


Select Accounts to Create

Select Accounts to Create

Within Magic Submitter, these are listed under “Service Name” in the main window, so once you’ve set up your project and your profile(s), it’s now time to set up the accounts that you will use to create the links to the sites / pages that you want to rank in the search engines. This is achieved in a number of different ways, but the most easiest is as follows:

  • Select the platform or type of website (MS calls them “Service Types”) you want to create e.g. Web2.0 Blogs, Forum profiles, other blogs, wikis etc
  • Select the number of accounts your want to use e.g. All Web2.0 or ones with high PR etc
  • Click “Create Accounts” to create the accounts
  • Answer any Captchas manually or you can automate about 99% of these with a Captcha answer service – See my Resources page for more detail on these

After you’ve created the accounts, you can manually click “Read Emails” to verify all the accounts, or this will happen automatically by Magic Submitter about 20 mins later. Once that has happened, you are then free to start using Magic Submitter to start posting content as well as your all important links!


After you’ve created and verified your accounts, you’ll need to create some content to post to the accounts. This can created within Magic Submitter or you can just copy and paste from an external source. There are some great pieces of software that can help you quickly and easily create unique content and you’ll find details of these on my Resources page.

The content needed will vary based upon the type of platform or site you are submitting to, but it is easy to understand exactly what is needed from within the content creation screen. In addition, to help keep all of your posts unique, Magic Submitter supports spun content using normal curly bracket spintax.

Create Content Window

Example Create Content Window

Adding links to your content is easy as well because of a feature called “clinks”. Clinks allow you to place a contextual link within the content based on the keywords you are working with e.g. If you article is about “USB Drives”, you can use clinks to place a link to a URL of your choosing whenever the keyword “USB Drives” appears in the content – You can choose the number of clinks per article, so you could have one link or many.

Submit or Schedule?

Once you are happy with your content and your links, it is now time to either Submit or Schedule your content. If you want to post everything at once, then you would select the content you want to submit along with the accounts you want to submit it to and then click Submit. Then Magic Submitter will then start to post your content to the various accounts as selected. This is strongly not advised – Instead I would suggest you use the scheduler to drip your posts and links slowly.

Scheduler Example

Scheduler Example

If you select Scheduler as above, then this will allow you to post your content to selected accounts at a later time or over a period of time. be that days, weeks or months. By using the Scheduler and some clever content, you can create a multiple posts to the same accounts over a period of days, weeks or even months, making it look more “normal” in the eyes of the search engine, which will help your sites to build authority.

Once you content has been posted, Magic Submitter will then add your newly created links to it’s built in Links Manager.

Links Manager

When your new links arrive in the Links Manager, Magic Submitter initially “pings” the new links to help to get your links visited and indexed by the search engines. From within the Links Manager you also have a lot of other options / functionality that you can use with your links such as editing them, exporting them, re-pinging, URL shortening, submit them to one of it’s supported indexation services, create bookmarks or RSS feeds.

For most users, I would guess that the above topics cover of how Magic Submitter on a basic level, which is pretty much how you will be using it until you’ve gained some confidence. Once that happens, you will then start to look at it’s more advanced feature set, some of the more important bits I’ve detailed below.

Advanced Functionality

Once you’ve mastered the basic functions, you will want to start to use some of the more advanced features which is when you’ll realise what a powerful tool Magic Submitter is!

It’s at this point where you’ll need your set up to be a bit more serious, so if you haven’t already, you will need to invest in proxies and a captcha service.

As well as supporting all the leading de-captcha services including Deathbycaptcha, Decaptcha, bypasscaptcha, and imagetyperz Magic Submitter also supports automated de-captcha software such as Captcha Breaker from GSA and Captcha Sniper.

If you plan on creating a lot of accounts, then you’ll be pleased to know that Magic Submitter also supports proxies as well as the Hide My Ass VPN service. To prevent spamming, some of the sites you want to create accounts on will only allow you to create so many accounts per IP address, so this feature allows you to hide your IP address behind one of the proxies or the Hide My Ass VPN, so you can create more accounts in the same period.

You can access these settings from the Options menu and you can find out more about both of these tools from my Resources page.

Campaigns & Campaign Designer

One of Magic Submitter’s key selling points for me, was the ability to set up campaigns. Campaigns differ from the normal account posting method detailed above as they allow you to publish content and links to various different platforms over time in an ordered, more natural style.

Campaigns are created using Magic Submitter’s excellent Campaign Designer. In all examples the “MoneySite” would be the site or page that you want to build the link to.

When you first create a new Campaign, you’ll be taken to the Campaign Designer screen:

Magic Submitter Campaign Designer Blank

Magic Submitter Campaign Designer

This works by simply dragging and dropping the platforms you want to use from the left of the screen into the center and then dragging out arrows to dictate where those sites link to. Using this tool means you can be as simple or innovative in the design of your campaigns as you like. For example, you can have a completely flat one tier link campaign, where all the different accounts / platforms all have links to your site, as in this simple link building campaign:

Flat Campaign

Flat Campaign Example

Or you can be more adventurous and create more intricate, detailed campaigns:

Magic Submitter Campaign Designer

Drag and Drop Your Platforms to create campaigns in the Magic Submitter Campaign Designer

Looking at this screen shot, we’ve created a simple multi-tier link pyramid using 6 different types of accounts / platforms.

  1. Blogs 1 and PDF Sharing Sites 1 content would be posted first containing links to your “Money Site” (The page you are trying to rank).
  2. Once the Blog 1 and PDF Sharing Sites 1 links have been posted, Wiki 1 & Web 2.0 Profile 1 will post content with links to Blogs 1 and Blog Platforms 1 and PLIGG Bookmarks 1 will post content with links to PDF Sharing Sites 1

As I mentioned earlier, there is literally no limit to the power and complexity of the campaigns you can set up with Magic Submitter – This is one of the standard templates that comes built-in…

Massive Multi-tier Campaign

Massive Multi-tier campaign

I’m sure that you don’t need me to tell you how a campaign such as this, when run over a period of time could give your website a massive boost in the search engine rankings…


This part of Magic Submitter enables you to design and create a new website platform poster e.g. If there is a particular website platform that you want to use to build links with that isn’t supported by Magic Submitter, you can use this menu to help you build your own “poster” that will post your continent and links to these sites.


The Platform menu provides access to another powerful feature of Magic Submitter.

A Platform is the “engine” that powers the site e.g. WordPress, Jimdo, tumblr,, PLIGG, ELGG, Dolphin, PHPFox, Drupal, Article Dashboard, Jcow, Docuwiki, Tiki Wiki, Moin Moin to name but a few.

There are literally hundreds of different platforms already supported within Magic Submitter and these platforms come with lots of sites already built-in ready for you to post links and content. What the Platform Harvester provides is the ability to search for other sites that use specific platforms and then add these extra sites to Magic Submitter, increasing the total number of sites that work with Magic Submitter. As there are tens of thousands of potential extra sites within each platform that could be added, I’m sure you can begin to see how valuable this feature can be…

I will cover this in much more detail in one of my tutorials later.

Conclusion or TL:DR…

So, to summarize my Magic Submitter review:

  • It’s a powerful, yet smart link building system that will help your sites rank and could earn you $$$$$
  • It is constantly updated and new features added often
  • Because you can post to 1000s of sites, it’s an easy way of massively diversifying your site’s link profile to make it appear more natural to the search engines – why is this important?
  • It saves you time by
    • Automatically creating accounts and then verifying them
    • Automatically posting content and back-links to these accounts
    • Automatically posting spun content to keep each post 100% original
  • It captures and organises all your links
  • Automatically ping or bookmark your links to help they search engines find them
  • Automatically solves captchas with or without you (a 3rd party service will be needed)
  • Creates one-off link blasts
  • Creates simple or in-depth multi-tier link campaigns to run over days, weeks or months
  • Allows you quickly add thousands of new sites within a few clicks
  • Create professional looking reports for you to provide to your clients

Magic Submitter is an extremely effective tool when used correctly. It is constantly updated by Alex (the author) and his team and they frequently add new useful features making it even more powerful. As well as keeping the software up to date, Alex also produces a monthly webinar that is free to Magic Submitter subscribers, which provide details and the latest tips and tactics to beat the search engines as well as discussing in detail any and all new add-ons to Magic Submitter.

Because it can automate your link building it will save you time, plus the many different types of sites it can post content to will help your site achieve a better and more diverse link profile.

Yes, at first it does appear complex, but this is only because of the versatility that Magic Submitter offers.  Once you start using it, you’ll discover that it really is relatively simple to learn and in no time at all – literally minutes after you’ve installed it,  you’ll be creating simple link building campaigns.  After a few hours of use you’ll have gained the confidence to make a start on more difficult campaigns, perhaps using the built in templates and within days you’ll be mastering massively in-depth, complex campaigns that run for weeks or months, posting to hundreds or thousands of sites.

The only real limitation is your imagination…

If done properly, a link building campaign with Magic Submitter can have an almost magical effect on your search engine rankings. Depending on your niche, your site, your competitors and how you go about using Magic Submitter, you could quickly and easily get your website to the first page of Google…

Is Magic Submitter for Me?

As I mentioned at the top of what has turned out to be a truly epic Magic Submitter review (even if I do say so..), I’ve been using it for a number of years and in that time, I’ve had a lot of success getting my websites to rank on the 1st page of Google, with many of them achieving a top 3 result – all of this with nothing more than some cleverly thought out Magic Submitter campaigns.

So, imagine you can get your websites to rank for the search terms or keywords that are important to you – imagine that just like me, you can regularly get your websites on the first page of Google..

What if just by using Magic Submitter you could achieve a top 3 ranking?

What would that mean to your business or website?

How many extra customers or extra visitors could you bring to your website if you were in the top three of Google or Bing or Yahoo – Or even all three?

How much would all that extra traffic or those extra customers be worth to you, your website or your business?

Shouldn’t you at least give it a try?

You can try Magic Submitter for full 30 days for only $4.95 and once you’ve signed up for the trial, read my tutorials and you could be building links to your sites within minutes…

Try Magic Submitter Today!

Try the FULL Version of Magic Submitter for 30 days for only $4.95

Try Magic Submitter Now…

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  1. I had been using Magic submitter in the past and it works great. It takes a little while to figure out, especially if you haven’t used anything like this before, but if you play around with it, its pretty easy to learn. MS has also built in captcha solver, which other link building software don’t. You get the vendors Skype and he will help you personally if you are really stuck.

    There are a lot of important features in there. Once you learn everything and start to get the hang of it, you can easily be building a lot of backlinks. They let you submit articles to article directories, social bookmarks, blogs depending on category among the many other things. If you are building websites it is one of the best investments you can ever make for SEO.

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